One of the Two brains behind Scars of Yesterday. His heavy yet soft voice combined with the songwritting skills and enthusiasm he brings to the band, make him irreplacable

Lead Guitar


The second half of the "Brain". The Creations he brings to life with his guitar are, what Scars of Yesterday is today.



If he stands still for more than one minute, he is either dead or asleep.

Rhythm Guitar


The mighty mc Manuel



Since July 2020 Linus is a part of our family. With his technical knowledge and thight drumparts he's the right man to make u stomp and move!

Scars Of Yesterday is a swiss metal band, founded by Remo (vocals) and Kev (Lead Guitar) in 2017 after Across Atear broke apart. The band grew as Luki (rhythm guitar) and Jerry (Bass) joined in the autmn of the same year. They were complete when Valerio filled the empty spot on the drums in the spring of 2018. They recorded the first demo called Unbound soon after. With no time to waste they  started to work on their next EP, as they simultaneously participated in 2019s SPH Music Masters. Shortly after the release of their second Demo Luki left Scars of Yesterday. With no time to waste he got replaced with Manuel. Now complete again, they won the Bandcontest swiss finals in January 2020.
Unfortunatly, they again were in need to search a new member when Valerio decided to leave the band, because of several reasons. 
Some Weeks later a new, important member joined the band. Welcome Linus!

Ehemalige Mitglieder

Scars of Yesterday Luki Guitar

Luki - Rhythm guitar

Luki used to play the Rythm guitar from september 2018 to autmn 2019.
his rather heavy taste in music  influenced a bunch of our songs and he wrote the song "Behold your madness" 

We will always cherish the memories -  Thank you Luki.

Valerio - DRUMS

Valerio joined ''S.O.Y'' as the first real Drummer they had. With his authentic and funny personality he always created good vibes. We wish u all the best in your future bro! We will miss you...